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Connect with others who have been where you are — and are where you are. Join our diagnosis-specific groups to find relief, emotional support, and connection with others who suffer from Migraines on Bezzy.

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So happy to find a community that knows what I am experiencing. It’s been so hard for me to explain to my family and I don’t think even then they believe my symptoms are so bad or even understand.

- a Bezzy user

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Your community guide, EileenYour community guide, Eileen

Your community guide, Eileen

Eileen, the founder of Migraine Strong, showed signes of migraines from as early as 3 years old. She’ll be guiding you through discussions and nightly live chats on Bezzy Migraine.

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Unlimited possible connectionsUnlimited possible connections

Unlimited possible connections

Experience a new platform for community on Bezzy. With 1:1 messaging and thousands of members, you’ll find nutrition and lifestyle advice, stress management tools and connection from people who get it.

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Inspiring articlesInspiring articles

Inspiring articles

Read expert articles, stress management tips, and firsthand experiences on migraines, all from Bezzy community members.

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